Ray Higdon – Top MLM Leader

Are you trying to have success in your home business? Ever feel overwhelmed, confused or upset trying to make money with your home business? Then this app is for you! This app allows you to easily and instantly download premium training from master marketer Ray Higdon. Ray Higdon is the #1 income earner in his network marketing company and gets well over a million hits to his blog every single month. Learn how he closes sales, trains his mind and generates Internet traffic in this simple to use app. By pressing “Install” you are instantly adding to your digital library the income secrets of someone who went from being in foreclosure to vacationing in Fiji in less than two years, Install today!


App Strategy

Ray Higdon is a master communicator. There is a reason why he is one of the highest paid MLM leaders in the world and it starts with communication. When developing a strategy to reach his partners effectively, “mobile” was a high priority. Everyone has a smart phone and if Ray needed to communicate specific and very important information to thousands of people at once a mobile app was the answer.

Ray Higdon now broadcasts his monthly series of App only podcasts to thousands of people assisting them in hitting all of their goals and aspirations. If there are any time sensitive messages that need to be made, Ray will utilize NeighborApps app messaging feature where he can send out a blast message about an important event or product launch on the horizon. Email is slow and NeighborApps is now so Ray Higdon once again wanted to be at the cutting edge of todays communication.

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